About Attribuild

Attribuild is a proptech start-up, founded by experienced architects and techies in Singapore.

Using our architectural design and planning knowledge, we have developed a patented system to analyse and evaluate floor plans to determine a unit’s liveability and efficiency.

The system will ingest floorplans and analyse various data points represented by the architectural drawing. The AI will then produce a Attribuild Score to each unit and produce an and Attribuild Rank which is a comparative position of the unit design amongst its peers.

With a quantitative score and rank, consumers will now be able to quickly decipher traditionally qualitative floor plans to discover differences and nuances between condominium developments to help them understand the potentials or pitfalls of the condominium units they are looking at.

Ultimately, we hope to help consumers find units that will match the lifestyle needs that they have.

Attribuild Insights

Finally, you can understand the True Measure of your Home

Insights is Attribuild’s blog and editorial page.

We hope to share with readers interesting insights that we have garnered from looking critically at the unique data set from our database of floor plans.

We want to fill the current market gap for data and analysis regarding unit designs and unit layouts.

With our analysis and valuable insights to the space where they will spend most of their time.

Hope you enjoy the reads and feel free to reach out to us at hello@attribuild.com