WFH in the Prime Districts

Which condominiums in the city centre Districts 9,10,11 have good provisions of study rooms to create that productive home office or classroom?

It’s May 2021 and Singapore is back to WFH as default mode of work due to a resurgence of community cases from a variant Covid strain. Singapore banks has also announced late in 2020 that flexi-work will become a permanent feature . DBS, has given its 29,000 strong workforce the option to work remotely up to 40 percent of the time, while UOB has given its 26,000 staff the option to work remotely 2 days a week. Looks like banks are now joining tech firms who have previously announced flexible work arrangements.

The straightforward impact of these announcement by the corporates would simply be that the home office could become a permanent feature is homes of white collar workers.

Part V of this series will have us uncover condos in the prime district 9,10,11 (possibly areas where many bankers want to find a home) with good scoring Study Rooms across 1,2,3 bedroom types from completed projects across Singapore. We omitted the 4 bedders as they would probably have enough rooms and floor area for a more versatile WFH setup. 

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