Tropical Sun and Fresh Air at your Doorstep

Where to find units with a sizeable balcony for that outdoor yoga session or to satisfy your green fingers?

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Policy guides design

Singapore’s private housing design is very much influenced by planning guidelines of the Urban & Redevelopment Authority (URA). 

URA launched a “Balcony Incentive Scheme” in 2001 to encourage the developers to design more balconies, private enclosed spaces (PES) and private roof terraces (PRT) to provide residents access to outdoor spaces from their homes. It also sought to facilitate high-rise greenery to improve the quality of the living environment. 

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Do you have a proper space to WFH and for HBL? (Part I)

Which new launch condominiums have units with a good study room provision to create that productive home office or classroom?

The Circuit Breaker period in April and May of 2020, during Singapore’s fight against Covid19, forced many knowledge workers to work from home (WFH). Many households were caught unprepared; setting up workstations on dining tables, or scrambling to buy new desks to be placed in living rooms or bedrooms. This could be tolerable in the short term but it is definitely a compromise on lifestyles.  

With the WFH movement gaining traction (including corporates considering office real estate needs and employees preferring a more flexible workspace arrangement), a space at home for a proper home-office setup or study rooms for home based learning is becoming more important; so that one can concentrate on the video calls or not become distracted by other members of the household. 

Study rooms used be feature in condo developments in the past; with the trend towards smaller apartment sizes, dedicated study rooms are not as common nowadays.

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